JBreak; March 4, 2018 Novosibirsk Expocentre,
Stancionnaya st. 104

The only Java Сonference in Siberia

JBreak is the only Siberian Java conference for experienced developers. The conference is the third JBreak, which will gather more than 400 developers. JBreak attracts the best Java experts as well as speakers from all around the world (Europe, USA, Israel).

All talks are dedicated to popular issues and Java technologies: performance, concurrency, testing, distributed and highload systems in the Java world, as well as the future of the platform.

Main topics of the conference:

  • VM/JDK/Runtime
  • Java 9 / 10
  • Cloud applications
  • Application architecture
  • Microservices
  • Performance and optimizations
  • BigData/Data processing
  • DataScience
  • DevOps, CD, CI
  • Scalability
  • High-performance, Fault-tolerant systems
  • Tools/DevOps
  • JVM languages
  • Frameworks (Spring, Spark, Storm, ELK, Hibernate, Vaadin, etc.)
  • Data storages (OracleDB, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Hazelcast, etc.)
  • Rx
  • JavaEE


Discussion zone

Discussion zone

Do you know the feeling when you raise your hand to ask a question and the track owner announces: “There’s time left for one question only”. Of course, he doesn’t pick you to ask that question. And then the speaker disappears behind the doors of the speakers’ room. To make sure this situation never happens, we’re setting up dedicated discussion zones: special areas with a flip-chart for drawing, a couple of seats and an opportunity to pour a cup of coffee or two. The discussion zone opens right after the talk finishes. This is the place to chat with the speaker, ask questions about the talk or to get some advice on your projects.