Spring Boot Starter — how and why?

15:30 / Track 1 / RU / Для практикующих инженеров / Go to presentation.

Spring is no longer a dark magic (thanks to “Spring the Ripper” and Evgeny Borisov), but Spring Boot is still considered to be like some sort of magic craft. Still, many like it, especially the newcomers!

In this talk we’ll discuss:

  • why a standard company that uses Spring Boot needs its own starters;
  • how soon the Inquisition comes after the newcomers if they recklessly use starters;
  • how self-consistent Spring Boot is and what it means for the newcomers.

This talk aims at engineers who practice Spring (or better Spring Boot) and who have already faced various difficulties of maintaining a heavy infrastructure developed with the help of Spring.

Maxim Gorelikov

Developer at Alfa-Lab. Is working on API development for mobile apps and security layers. Basically, uses Spring and Netflix ecosystem, but checks out everything that is worth trying on GitHub.

Is experimenting with reactive approaches, a couple of experiments got to the production level.

Wants to understand not only his apps but also everything around them, thus he is working with all the infrastructure (logs, CI/CD, orchestration). To sum up, DevOps is our everything.

Kirill Tolkachev

Kirill is a Lead Developer in Alpha-Laboratory. He develops different banking API's, forms principles and tools related to microservice architecture. He is a fan of Groovy, Gradle, Spring and Netflix technologies stack. Kirill is a resident of famous Russian IT-podcast “Razbor Poletov”. He knows DevOps methodology like the palm of the hand and has two years' experience of its production usage.