Reactive programming with Vert.x

13:45 / Track 1 / RU / Введение в технологию / Download presentation

Tired of debugging critical section for the umpteenth time? Want to write useful code instead of solving a problem of racing threads? Maybe it's time to try something new?

Vert.x doesn't look anything like good old Spring or Java EE. That's its power and that's also where the difficulties hide. It's easy to write code that is hard to maintain. On the other hand, with some experience, Vert.x turns into a convenient development tool. But how to launch an app on Vert.x in production?

This talk will be useful for those who wanted to start using Vert.x, but are not sure which side to approach.

Anton Lenok

Anton Lenok

Software engineer at Sberbank Technology. Develops server side for Sberbank Online. In his projects implements solutions that make engineers' life more fun: ELK, Docker, Kubernetes, reactive programming, etc.