Advanced client load balancing with Spring Cloud

12:00 / Track 2 / RU / Для практикующих инженеров / Download presentation

In distributed systems with dynamic configuration, there is a problem of correct detection of working services and load balancing between them. The main question is not even about which service can be called, but which instance is better for the call at the exact moment of time (and that requires smart balancing in a state of constantly changing system configuration).

In this talk, Alexander will look into a standard solution of the problem in Live Demo mode on the base of Spring Cloud project, which includes ready realizations of main patterns for distributed apps development. During this demo, Alexander will dwell on inside realization of client load balancing with examples from official libraries and the one of his own.

  • This talk is not connected with the engineer solutions in Odnoklassniki and is based on projects and libraries with open source code, along with speaker's personal experience of their usage or creation.

Alexander Tarasov

Alexander Tarasov

Alexander is a software engineer at one of the most popular social networks Odnoklassniki. He has more than eleven years of experience in server-side Java development and more than three years of deployment automatization and different engineering practices. The author of several open-source projects connected with Spring Cloud on GitHub, writes articles for the own blog, Habrahabr and DZone.